We finished a small business accelerator and received a $10,000 grant!

Landmark Acoustics LLC recently participated in Gateway Technical College’s twelve-week small business <a href="https://www.gtc flagyl dosage.edu/business-and-workforce-solutions/launch-box/launch-box-growth-accelerator”>accelerator program. Funding for the accelerator, and a $10,000 grant for finishing it, came from the federal Small Business Administration, the Racine County Economic Development Corporation, and Racine County. Greg Meier, from the Global Entrepreneurship Collective, led the program. We were one of six entrepreneurial businesses from south-eastern Wisconsin that were selected to participate.┬áThe accelerator had two particularly excellent outcomes for Landmark Acoustics. It validated that the founder’s skill set does translate well to the business world. More tangibly, we have made great progress in pivoting our analysis tools to serve the speech-language pathology community. This was a direct result of synergy with Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room, serendipity that is featured in a local press piece.


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